We are an organization with many years of experience in the education and formation of dancers and dance teacher. In the past time we used to offer short Spanish language course specially for people who wanted to go on Holidays but we decided this year to teach a full program starting from beginners A1 till advanced. C1. The whole trajected takes about 1 year and a half. In this trajected we are going to focus on the development of grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills following the criteria and requirements from The Real academy of the Spanish Language.

Our methodology is very dynamic and diverse., for example we will use lot of music during the lessons, we are going to represent cases of every day life as meeting a new person, asking for an address, being at the supermarket, being at a party. Most of the lessons are taking place in our locations but there’re many lessons taking place in out side of the class local like in a restaurant, museum, etc. we believe in the fact that every lesson has to be an experience and after every lessons our students will be able to use what they learned in the class. To make the lessons more dynamic and real we are using fragments of the television, radio, newspapers with different themes like interviews, documentaries, of the weather presentation. During the year we are visiting different Spanish speaking countries to make this learning process more real and to give our student to experience, taste, breath, and embrace the Spanish language in its habitat.