From April 2021 You are welcome to follow Spanish lessons 5 days a week: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. To enroll in any of our courses you need to take a membership for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. Every level has got 12 lessons of 90 minutes and the classes are taking place once a week. We have as well an intensive level in which every class takes 180 minutes (3 hours with a 15 minutes break).

Private Classes

  • 1 till 4 participants
  • Learn at your own pace and schedule
  • One-to-one lessons
  • Perfect your speaking and listening skills
  • Learn specific vocabulary based on your need

Duration class: 1:30 H

Semi Private Groups

  • (5 till 8 participants)
  • Ideal to improve specific skills
  • Focus on what they want to achieve at work or academic objectives
  • Personalized attention within a small group
  • Share the learning experience with your classmates

Duration class: 1:30 H

Corporative clases

  • (10 till 12 participants)
  • Language skills can provide with a considerable advantage in the market
  • Clients will put their /n trust in your business if you can assist them in their native language
  • Employees will contribute more creativity within the company
  • Increase networking
  • Personalized schedules

Duration class: 1:30 H

Online clases

  • 1 Lesson per week
  • Study on your comfort zone
  • Get lessons for a price a lower price
  • Learn on specific days and times

Duration class: 1:30 H

Standard Clases

  • 1 Lesson per week
  • Increase your skills to communicate on trips
  • Keep your mind sharp
  • Learn on specific days and times

Duration class: 3 H

Children Courses

  • 1 Lesson per week
  • Ability to talk to more people
  • Develop early language skills
  • Broaden cultural horizons
  • Get an academic advantage
  • Learn on specific days and times

Duration class: 1:30 H

Intensive Courses

  • 2 lesson per week 3 hours
  • Shorter intervals between classes
  • Covering much more material over the range of the course
  • You will gain the most in your language skills when you have to use it constantly
  • Learn on specific days and times

Duration class: 3 H

Total Immersion

  • 4 hours class a day
  • 5 days a week
  • 5 hours a week online assistant
  • Become fluent in a very short period
  • Talk with a native spanish speaker 2 hours a week

Duration class: 4 H

Weekend Total Inmersion

  • 2 days from 9:00-18:00
  • Hotel room included
  • Vocabulary, grammar, listening, conversation and writing skills
  • The course is based on how to react during different daily situations in real life

Duration class: 16 H